About The Saw's Electric Chair
The Saw sitting against a graffitied wall surrounded in red lightWhat's going on Butcher Crew, it's ya girl, your Master Butcher, The Saw and welcome to The Saw's Electric Chair where I put my guests in the hot seat! I have grown up listening to metal and it has always been a part of my foundation. My parents met at a metal show, my brothers and cousins were in local metal bands growing up and we would listen to metal 24/7 in my household. I eat, breathe, and sleep metal! I started to go to shows at a young age with my parents and my brothers, but when I got older, I started to go to more shows and make friends within the scene. I have two shows on WKNC that fall under The Saw's Butcher Shop: "The Bone Cruncher" (local N.C. metal bands) and "The House of Horrors" (the heaviest metal on the planet). I have a strong bond with the North Carolina local metal scene; this is where I spend the majority of my free time. Today, I go to more shows than I can count and have made some lifelong friendships because of the music. I enjoy listening to metal and going to shows because I get a sense that this is where I am supposed to be, this is where I belong. The metal music and the community saved my life and I will do anything in my power to give back to it. I have interviewed various local and national bands, such as Sepultura, Volumes, Dee Snider, Varials, Kataklysm, Nuclear Desolation, Krosis, Infirma and many many more!

The Saw's Electric Chair is a podcast where I interview bands (local and national acts) about how they got into metal, their influences and everything in between. I also interview individuals who are passionate about music and try to see if there are any correlations to metal. My guests and I react to different playlists that we made for one another to broaden our knowledge of not only metal, but any type of music in general. The Saw's Electric Chair offers a casual, laid back, conversational type of interview that will go far deeper than just music to give you a better understanding of myself and my guests' personalities. I try to have fun with my podcast and make it enjoyable not only to the listeners, but also for myself. So, join me Butcher Crew to the depths of all music types and get some good laughs along the way!
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