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Mason Hamby From Heft

"The Saw sat down with the lead singer of Granite Falls own, Heft, and talked about how he got into metal, musical influences, Vikings, and how metal is used as an outlet for the listeners but also for the performers."

DJ Beowvlf Anniversary Interview

“The Saw was placed into the hot seat and was interviewed by her Master Apprentice, DJ Beowvlf, to mark 3 years of running The Saw’s Butcher Shop. They discussed The Saw’s upbringing into metal, the evolution of The Butcher Shop, cancel culture, and much more.”

DJ Beowvlf

The Saw sits down with a KNC legend: the one and only DJ Beowvlf, host of The Local Beat and our General Manager! The two chat about the station, getting into Metal, and Beowvlf's favorite metal band.

Jefferson Eason of Infirma

The Saw and Jeffrey discuss how he self-taught himself to play the drums and the guitar, how he became a vocalist, and his fight against cancer as well as how Infirma's new release will be about the emotions Jeffrey went through during those years of his life.

Courtney Breen

The Saw interviews Courtney Breen, a new type of guest in the station - a photographer! Listen to learn what it's like to be a photographer at a metal show and how she got her start.

Raine from Nuclear Desolation

Join us for the premiere edition of WKNC’s newest podcast: The Saw’s Electric Chair for a casual interview/discussion about music with Raine Rumple.

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